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Corrolux products are specifically designed to serve municipalities and all design, architectural and landscape professionals. They are robust and aligned with current trends.

Do you want to deliver a Signature project that will stand out from the competition? Our corten steel products are the best choice. Your customers will be even more satisfied because your project will last over time and will not require any maintenance.

Do not hesitate to contact us for specific projects that require product adaptation.


Choose the right product for each project

For exterior applications, Corrolux recommends the use of corten steel, painted aluminum and painted steel.

  • Corten steel is exceptionally resistant to atmospheric conditions and is structured with an oxidation layer on its surface that protects it from deterioration and gives it its unique characteristic.
  • Painted aluminum is a metal that, in its raw state, can be altered by atmospheric conditions. Following a treatment of electrostatic paint baked, the aluminum is protected from degradation. Its light weight, corrosion resistance and the addition of paint make it a very effective material for outdoor projects.
  • Painted steel can be used outdoors since the addition of paint gives it protection against atmospheric conditions. Its robustness requires a solid anchoring structure.

For interior projects, Corrolux recommends the use of Corten™ steel, raw steel or with painted. In fact, aluminum can also be used but adds unnecessary costs to your projects since its main characteristic of corrosion resistance is not relevant indoors.

  • Since Corten steel is not subject to indoor weather conditions, a preliminary step must be performed: generate the orange patina by exposing the product to outdoor weather conditions until the desired finish is achieved.
  • Raw steel is known for its industrial and imperfect finish.
  • The painted steel allows the product to be adapted to the surrounding decor.

For these products, a solid anchoring structure must be provided to support the load (refer to the technical data sheet available in the description of each product) and guarantee the safety of the occupants.



If needed, you can order a sample of the chosen material to validate it with your customers. Fees may apply.

For more details, send your request to info@woocommerce-332508-4418702.cloudwaysapps.com