Corrolux – Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer all your questions about our products.


This FAQ is evolving and will be updated daily to better answer your questions.

What is the difference between standard steel and Corten steel?

Corten steel is a self-patinating steel that has a rusty appearance that develops over time but never perforates. It is particularly resistant to extreme weather conditions, whereas ordinary steel will eventually rust and pierce.

Are Corrolux products easy to install?

Corrolux products have been designed to be easy to install. Generally, a minimum of 2 people is required to handle the products and install them safely. Council Corrolux : everything starts from the beginning of your installation. Since steel has no flexibility, symmetrical measurement and installation is essential. Professional help may be required depending on the ergonomics of your installation space.

Is it possible to receive Corrolux products in Corten steel already oxidized?

Our standard Corten steel products are delivered unoxidized. Once installed, with the weather conditions, the oxidation will quickly develop (a few weeks at most). To get a product delivered with the rusted look, contact our customer service as we have several options available. Additional fees are to be expected.

Is it possible to paint Corten steel?

Corten steel can be painted according to your needs. A sand treatment is necessary. For any need of this nature, please contact our customer service.

Does Corten steel have coatings?

Sliding can indeed occur on surfaces close to Corten steel (wood, concrete slabs, etc.). This is a completely natural bleeding of this material. This bleeding is easily cleaned on most materials with water and by rubbing the surface.

Is Corten steel harmful to the environment?

The oxidation of Corten steel consists mainly of stable iron oxide which is not harmful to the environment, vegetation or wildlife.

Is it necessary to protect Corrolux products from the harsh winter weather?

Corrolux products are designed to withstand the rigors of winter and require no maintenance. You don’t need to bring your flower boxes inside in the fall and on the contrary, don’t hesitate to put them forward with a winter decoration that will embellish your landscaping even out of season (integrate various thorny branches, tree branches or other dry plants).

Is it possible to obtain these same products in stainless or aluminum?

Corrolux can adapt its products. We invite you to contact customer service to discuss your needs. We will offer you the best possible option.

What is the weight of Corrolux products?

According to our products, Corrolux uses steel, Corten steel or aluminum. Steel and Corten steel are heavy materials and must be handled with great care. The weight of each product is indicated on its technical sheet

Is it possible to order custom-made products?

For custom projects, contact our customer service department who will take your needs into consideration and propose the best possible option.

Do you have a climbing room?

We invite you to consult our distributors who have demonstration models. See our list of distributors.

Does Corrolux sell decorative panels only?

It is possible to order a decorative panel without structure. For installation, provide a wooden structure to anchor the panel. We also offer a range of custom products that will meet your needs. Contact our customer service for more information.

Is it possible to dig on any terrain and at any depth without risk?

Depending on the location of your site, municipal wires and pipes may be buried in the ground. We invite you to consult and follow their recommendations to avoid causing damage to your property or that of others.

Is it possible to process Corrolux products on site?

Corrolux has designed its products with mechanical systems that give flexibility in adapting its products to meet the challenges in your field. Thus, it is quite possible to cut the decorative panels or sections of flower boxes to fit your environment. Steel cutting tools will be required.

What are the fees associated with the modification of a Corrolux product

A modification to a Corrolux product requires a modification to the production drawings to adapt them to your needs. Our applicable rate for production drawings is $150/hr. A minimum of 4 hours is generally applicable. Thereafter, additional charges may apply for the production of the modified product (piecework rather than batch production). In some cases, you can send us your production files which can reduce the cost of modification. In any case, we invite you to contact our customer service to explain your needs and we will offer you the best possible option.

Does Corrolux provide installers?

Our Corrolux products are designed to be easily assembled without specialized tools (unless installed on a specific surface). Corrolux does not have installers. However, we refer you to your landscaper or someone with specific skills for more technical installations. Under certain circumstances, we will provide a team of installers for large-scale custom projects.

How do I order replacement parts?

We invite you to contact our customer service by email

by sending anbrief description of the product, the required part and pictures of your product. Specify your delivery address. The replacement part will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

FAQ – Flower Boxes

Is it possible to put Corrolux flower boxes on the ground?

Corrolux flower boxes can be placed on a previously prepared surface to ensure that they will not gradually become embedded in the soil. A surface composed of 0-¾ stone and rock dust is recommended. This solution is optional but keep in mind that the trays are made of steel (heavy material).

Is it necessary to insulate Corrolux flower boxes?

It is not necessary to insulate Corrolux containers since most plants grow very well in a warm environment. Depending on the case, the watering frequency will have to be adapted. If needed, you can add styrofoam on the sides, available at any good hardware store. Our experience shows us that this is an optional practice.

It is possible to weld the trays flush to replace the mechanical connections

To make changes to the products offered by CorroluxThese will be custom-made products. We invite you to contact our customer service department who will take your needs into consideration and offer you the best possible option. Welding is possible but additional costs are to be expected.

FAQ – Fences and Railings

For a ground anchored fence, how deep should the concrete be?

As with any type of fencing, it is recommended to use 8-inch diameter sonotubes and to dig 4-foot deep holes to ensure a product that is stable to freezing and thawing.

Why are the posts and profiles of the corten steel fence black?

Corrolux does not offer an all-Corten steel option for fencing due to the complexity and cost associated with producing these Corten steel parts. Our posts must be painted to match the Corten panels. For custom projects, we invite you to contact our customer service department to explain your needs and we will propose the best possible option.

FAQ – Garden Edges

FAQ – Privacy panels

Can the Corrolux privacy panel be anchored only in the floor and not in the ceiling?

No, the privacy panel must be solidly anchored in a self-supporting structure since it must face climatic hazards. If you wish to anchor a decorative panel only to the ground, we refer you to our fence concept.

FAQ – Retaining walls

Is it necessary to install a special mechanism for Corrolux retaining walls?

No special installation is required. However, depending on the context, it may be suggested to incorporate a French drain and 0-¾ stone to direct rainwater. We suggest that you consult a landscaper, if necessary.

Is it necessary to install a drainage mechanism for Corrolux retaining walls?

Ensure that drainage slopes carry rain and runoff water away from the foundation walls. We suggest that you incorporate a French drain, available at any good hardware store, and 0-¾ stone to direct the water. If necessary, refer to a landscaper.