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Types of finish on our steel products


Our products are made from ultra-resistant materials to withstand the rigors of winter and require no maintenance. A baked-on electrostatic powder coating forms a protective layer for durability and corrosion resistance.. Our paints are of superior quality, environmentally friendly, resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric corrosion.

Many custom colors are available upon request. Contact our customer service for a price and a list of available colors.


The raw Corten steel is delivered with scale. With calamine the orange patina will take longer to create and will give a more industrial finish.

Do you want to remove scale? The best method is to sandblast the Corten steel. A few periods of alternating humidity and dryness afterwards and corrosion will appear very quickly.

For more information or a quote, please contact our customer service department.

Raw steel

Available exclusively for interior projects, raw steel is a robust, original and ecological material that blends perfectly with interior design.


Due to the nature of printed materials and digital media, Corrolux cannot guarantee exact color matches between color samples and their final representations. All Corrolux products are made from natural materials that may vary slightly over time. Therefore, it is normal for the completed work to show variations in color.