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Environmental concerns

Our raw materials

Corten steel and aluminum are 100% recyclable with no loss of quality and can be recycled at many recovery stations. It therefore meets the requirements of the circular economy very well.

The environment at Corrolux

Our offices and factories are managed to have the least impact on the environment:

  • Minimized paper consumption
  • Recycling: plastic, steel, aluminum and paper
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Purchase of local raw materials to promote regional development
  • Number of transports reduced to a minimum


What is the most ecological material?

Corten steel! Unlike other types of materials, it does not require any anti-corrosion treatment. Corten steel is raw, without painting or galvanizing, and therefore does not generate any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Moreover, this type of steel does not require any particular maintenance and does not generate any cleaning residue.

Due to its corrosion resistant qualities, Corten steel has a much longer life span than other materials.

Finally, our mechanical connection system helps eliminate emissions from gas welds, improving the overall environmental performance of each of our products.